Vision First Proposal – Letter to Sam Pitroda

Dear Mr Sam Pitroda

On behalf of the community of designers from India we wish to thank you for being receptive to our ideas on developing a vision for expanding the design education infrastructure of India through setting up of four more NIDs.

As requested by you, we are sending you a proposal for developing the vision through a participatory process. The signatories of this proposal have served a very broad range of sectors of design including, high tech, low tech, crafts and academia. Many of us have been associated with building our own businesses and in teaching and building other institutions of higher learning in Design. This proposal is a result of extensive consultations amongst a wider community of designers and design educators, some of whom are alumni or former and current teachers at the NID.

There is a great buzz on the DesignIndia forum about the government’s plans to expand the design network in India and eagerness to participate in building the Vision First. In fact, in response to the excitement we have set up a blog site, Vision First, which we plan to use as a platform for inviting participation in co-creating a vision.

We admire you for your commitment to Innovating the institutions and tools that would ultimately transform India and enhance India’s standing in the global community. Through you, we want to appeal to the Prime Minister to take this opportunity to expand the “Innovation through Design” mandate across various ministries of government of India, so that it touches every aspect of Indian life.¬† Through support to this venture at the highest level we will be able to reclaim the legacy of Pandit Nehru who had the vision to make invention, innovation and design a part of the national agenda. That would be our new tryst with destiny.

Thanks again

Yours sincerely.
Rashmi Korjan


About rkorjan

Independent Design Educator | Partner, Studio Korjan

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