This afternoon I spoke with Sam Pitroda, the Advisor to the Prime Minister
of India on Public Information Infrastructure & Innovations about the
proposal sent by the core team of the Vision First initiative to him. Based
on our conversation I believe he is completely in resonance with the
heartbeat of the design community in India that is ravving to bring design
and innovation to every sector of India’s life. He has a challenge for us:

Sam expressed that he has a vision to set up 40 innovation clusters in
different parts of India serving different sectors of the economy. With or
without Government participation he sees a need to have a 100 NID’s in
India. He has a vision- he is looking for people who are willing to
co-create and make a commitment to implement a new vision for these
innovation clusters and new NID’s. He also mentioned that he is already in
conversation with the Government of Netherlands to sponsor a design school
in India.

I mentioned to him that within the core group and amongst the wider
community of designers who are behind the Vision First initiative there are
many who have the history of conceptualizing and implementing design
education infrastructure. His reply was, “Bring me five of them, who are
willing to make the commitment to implement. new schools of design or
clusters of innovation. I meet a lot of people who talk, or complain. We
need people who will implement.”

His specific response to our proposal was very encouraging.

He wants the core team to make a compelling presentation to DIPP about our
vision and our prescribed plan of action- so that current plans for setting
up NID’s assimilates the voice, vision and the wisdom of the community. I
clearly told him that the design community has concern about limiting roll
out of NID being limited to just the “field of vision” of the DIPP- the
industrial sector- and he wants to incorporate our vision and seeks people
who are wiliing to help create 40 innovation cluters and more NID’s. Towards
that goal, he is willing to meet with the representatives of the design
community in India when he visits India in March. This meeting/ presentation would be independent of the presentation he is asking us to make to the Ministry. He has already advised his office in Delhi to coordinate with Rashmi and the team.

So, guys, Lets keep the momentum going. Spread the word, share the vision
and garner ideas and get commitment from people who are willing to implement a vision for new NID’s or the innovation clusters. What I hear from my conversation is that we can count on Sam to be a part of our mission to craft the vision first as long as we can identify enough people who would
“commit to implement and not just talk”.

We now need to work on the two prsentations right away- one to the DIPP and another one to the Advisor to the Prime Minister of India on Public
Information Infrastructure & Innovations.

So, Rashmi and the team will need help, please contact Rashmi offering help.



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