Designers, faculty worried over new NIDs – Times of India

Times of India, 18 March 2011, Ahmedabad edition.


Designers, faculty worried over new NIDs

Dayananda Yumlembam | TNN

Ahmedabad: A group comprising National Institute of Design (NID) designers, faculty members and alumnus will meet officials of the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) in New Delhi on March 18. The group has raised concerns over the new NIDs that are proposed to be set up in various parts of the country. The group’s concern is that the move to set up new design institutes lacks vision.
This concern was triggered by a notice circulated by DIPP, asking consultancy firms to submit proposals and take part in the project of construction of new NID campus at Jorhat in Assam. The NID in Assam is first of the four NIDs proposed in the 11th fiveyear plan.
The group from NID will meet officials of DIPP and discuss their ideas, objectives and initiative called ‘vision first’. Later, the designers plan to meet Sam Pitroda, who is currently advisor to the prime minister on public information, infrastructure and innovations.
Talking about the meeting, alumnus and visiting faculty at the NID Dinesh Korjan said, “We are looking forward to discuss two matters. One of them is how design can play a vital role in setting up innovation clusters in the country. The other issue we will discuss with him is the role of designers in setting up infrastructures for design education in the country.”


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