Letter – Post Meeting – DIPP

Mr. V. Bhaskar
Joint Secretary, DIPP
Ministry of Commerce & Industry
Room No. 236, Udyog Bhavan
New Delhi 110011

Dear Mr Bhaskar

Thank you for meeting us on 18th March 2011 and discussing with us the
issues and concerns that we have raised related to expansion of the design
education infrastructure in the country and the related RFP process that is
currently under way.

We gathered from our discussions that the RFP process will continue as
planned and that the draft proposal of the selected party will be shared in the public domain for discussion prior to finalization. Also, that you will be soliciting the views of the design community during a day long seminar that is intended to be held later.

You expressed the view that this RFP process will result in expansion of the
infrastructure through the PPP route, which you believe is necessary to
generate funds for the same. In addition it would bring in Financial and
Technical expertise which you consider to be essential components for this
expansion in the design education infrastructure of the country.

As conveyed to you during the meeting we believe that we are presently poised at a juncture where we have a great opportunity to redefine the future of Design Education in India, and to distribute design widely as a force in the service of the nation. Unless we pause the ongoing process, and review it in this light we believe the opportunity will be lost.

We would like to place on record our continuing concerns as follows:
· Serious thought and an exhaustive process of consultations need to be
put into evaluating and articulating emerging directions in design
education to ensure a more robust and relevant framework for
expanding the design education infrastructure in the country, prior to
building infrastructure for the same.
· Government funds could be more appropriately utilized by rightsizing
the envisaged institutes and broad-basing design consciousness
from primary school to professional education.
· There is an urgent need to invest in human resources (especially
teachers) trained to deal with new design paradigms.
· The PPP process as outlined in the RFP may lead to teaming up with
agencies who may leverage the valuable NID brand created over the
last 50 years for short-term ends. This will not be in the best
interests of the profession or the nation. A serious evaluation of the
NID brand needs to be undertaken prior to leveraging it to raise funds
in the manner proposed.
· The funding model needs to be formulated in a manner that does not
compromise the integrity and long-term approach essential to good
design, and must re-inforce rather than erode the public role of such
national institutions.
· The stringent financial criteria applied on the potential bidders exclude
most NID graduates and other practicing design professionals, who
could potentially contribute a relevant vision and real world
orientation to the process.
· It will be a disservice to the nation if we do not create an appropriately
scaled design-education infrastructure that is contemporary, globally
connected and richly informed by the local context.

The Vision First initiative will continue our campaign to build public opinion through social media, and other platforms. We would also like to continue to help the DIPP, and Mr Sam Pitroda to realize our ultimate goal of defining a vision for the design education infrastructure for India .

Thanking you

Ms Rashmi Korjan
Design Educator and Partner, Studio Korjan

Mr Amit Krishn Gulati
Director, Incubis Consultants (India) PL, New Delhi
Design Consultant and Educator, Member- CII National Committee on Design

Mr Jatin Bhatt
Director, EduSign Consulting Pvt Ltd., New Delhi

Mr Pradeep Sinha
Member – Managing committee Nav Rachna Education Society.
Board of Management, Nav Rachana University

Mr MP Ranjan
Design Thinker and Author of Blog – http://www.DesignforIndia.com

Uday Dandavate
Co-Founder, SonicRim Global Design Research and
Commentator on Change

Poonam Bir Kasturi
Compostwali / Founder, Daily Dump

Jogi Panghaal
Design Thinker & Educator,
Associate, Doors of Perception Foundation

S. Sundar
Managing Director, Dovetail Funiture Pvt. Ltd.
President, ADI (Association of Designers of India)
Invitee Member, India Design Council

Ashish Deshpande
Founder Director & Principal Designer,
Elephant Strategy + Design

Dinesh Korjan
Design Educator and Partner, Studio Korjan
Moderator, alumNID (NID alumni discussion group)


About korjan

Partner, Studio Korjan & Independent Design Educator. Believes that complex problems could have design solutions.

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