Changed Times… Changing Concerns… – Deepankar Bhattacharyya

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“Design has moved much beyond the realm of industry and products. It has shown its usefulness in every human activity and some of us have long argued that education institutions revamp their curricula to reflect the new realities. Those of us who want to see new and relevant visions of design in India have, perhaps, to approach the problem from outside the entity that NID has become and the limitations within which that brand can multiply itself. For one thing design education should, even within government initiatives move to departments other than industry, like rural development, health, infrastructure building, culture etc. NID can’t do this while remaining a part of the ministry of Industry. This ministry has a mandate and must use all its resources to fulfill them. The broad design framework it understands has to do with industry and business and has, unfortunately in my opinion, been the basis of the National Design Policy. The other departments of the government do not see design as something that they should and can incorporate into their scheme of things.”

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Partner, Studio Korjan & Independent Design Educator. Believes that complex problems could have design solutions.

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