What can it be, how can it be more real?

There is a feeling, that the vision first is a group who do not want 4 new NID’s to come alive.

That is not at all what the vision first group effort is all about. It’s about acknowledging that the NID is such a wonderful educational space, that it is critical that we ask the most important question “What can the new NID’s be? How can they be more real for today?

So who should be asking this question – ideally the very same people who are in the current NID and the ones who are planning the new NID.

So the group is just that, people who have cherished the way they learnt to see the world when they were in NID, went out to worked in different situations and now have something to say about what a new educational space can be, to be able to create the new generation who will help the very country who is investing in this space.

Many people may say, what is wrong with this model, and who are you to decide which is better?

Well if you have a vision of this new space, then all the more reason to come on board, create a space, share examples that you think planners need to see.

This is not one person our some people’s group – it is everyone’s group, who want a NID to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

If you can dream, and imagine – this is your group –



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