Recognition for Vision First – Letter from Commerce Misitry

We have a response for our efforts!



About korjan

Partner, Studio Korjan & Independent Design Educator. Believes that complex problems could have design solutions.


  1. Bala

    Great Din! This is indeed a huge opportunity. Can we organise ourselves to present a vision to the government? This can be done in conjunction with all the stakeholders. The sooner we act on this, the better.


  2. Sasi

    It is an opportunity indeed. I second Bala on getting into action and anything I can do, I am ready!

  3. Pradeep Sinha

    whats happening

  4. folks, just getting an action plan together so that the entire community can participate in the next phase. please feel free to add your thoughts here or on email to any one of us.

  5. Rajeev Manikoth

    Time the idea of “Design” had a good hard relook ? Sharing some ideas here :

    Rajeev Manikoth

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