Design Innovation Centres: Update on Meeting of 1st February 2012

Dear all,

While Amit may have called and filled you in and while Indrani is working on a lucid prose of the events, let me give you a re-cap of the day’s events.

  • There were 17 other presentations, besides Vision First and we were clubbed together as one presenter.
  • There was IIT-B, IIT_D, IIsc, MSU, Manipal, CKS, Srishti School, Idiom, NID, TU DELFT, d School from Stanford, etc.
  • We were almost the last to present and Amit introduced the group’s strategy and methodology. We had to rush through the work as we were running late by an hour, almost.
  • But Amit’s presentation helped us let others know the breadth of our work, the unselfish and altrusitic objectives of doing good with design.
  • There was no discussion on any of the presentations. SP promised to put together an action plan before mid March. He also mentioned that he is keen to roll out some of these. He was wondering aloud about funding private players by the govt.
  • The presentation was noticed by another Planning Commission member, Mr P Agarwaal, who asked us to join him after the meet.
  • He remarked that the overall quality of presentations were very good and the better ones came from private players!
  • He was keen that we put together a small write up to be included in the 12th Plan.
  • He mentioned that thanks to Sam, Design is well entrenched in the govt’s agenda.
  • Certification of courses, validation, etc, is also in the agenda and he said that the govt is keen being liberal about it.
  • THe HRD ministry rep also mentioned about relaxing norms for finding the right trainers for the proposed centres.
  • He is also shared the fact the govt may consider putting 800 to 1000 Crores for kick starting this.
  • He wanted us to participate in a meet in May, details of which Amit can fill in.

My perception is that we did manage to make in-roads as a think-tank that is high on ideas. I am still unclear about individuals and private players getting a role to play in this.

I hope we have covered all the points. AMIT and INDRANI and BILU, please fill in stuff I forgot about.

Thanks and regards

Founder Director JANUARY DESIGN

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