Open Design School for India

Thoughts from Vision First team on the formation of an Open Design School and a National Design Innovation Network for India – presented during the brainstorming session chaired by Mr Sam Pitroda at the Planning Commission on 21st August 2012.


About korjan

Partner, Studio Korjan & Independent Design Educator. Believes that complex problems could have design solutions.


  1. mridu

    Looks promising Dinesh! I have been a part of open design processes and also observed many such initiatives here in Helsinki. We have an exciting, dynamic, local and collaborative environment here. Would be great to see such an atmosphere taking on its own form in India. Wonder what was the reaction of Sam Pitroda and others at the Innovation Network?

  2. mridu, this initiative is likely to come into existence soon. do post your views and suggestions. this is the best time to contribute :)

  3. Sorry but this vision IMO is intrinsically flawed! In this century, the discussion is still on location, structure, course-plan and certification. It should instead be about local, decentralisation, organic growth through projects that benefit society and experience. This is where India is failing, by choosing not to (or being unable to) move beyond the paradigm of education imposed on us by our colonial rulers – course, memorise, reproduce and certification. Sad! :(

    Will return to write more. My aim is not to antagonise but to provoke.

  4. Thank you DInesh for sharing the progress of this online and welcoming contributions. Though I’d like to find ways to contribute beyond commenting on the blog platform. For now however, my two cents..
    The Open Design School would be truly open if the School involves all the stakeholders right from its initial stages, while building the vision. That would ensure ownership of the Open Design School Concept and make it sustainable and regenerative.

  5. A great step forward, but as Palash says, the platform on which it operates has to be brand new and not based on anything that remotely ties it up to straightjacketing of any sort. We have to think beyond ‘physical existence’ into ‘intellectual existence’ and make it self sustaining at the same time. However, the fact that openness to an ‘open’ school itself is commendable!

  6. Hi Dinesh, here’s a documentation that captures discussions and ideas from an Innovation camp I attended recently ( The core question we worked on was ‘How to make Innovation a core value in society?’ We focussed on schools, learning and work environments of the future. Would be useful to the development of the Open Design School. Much like your initiative here, we had a bottom approach to it, while the case was brought to the table by political leadership in the Skåne region in Sweden. Do have a look!

  7. elsrini

    I’m new to this, and curious as to whether this open design school is just a concept or have they already decided on a campus? if so, where? who’s designing them?

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