Vision First is an initiative to create a perspective on creating design competencies in India and maybe, elsewhere. The idea is to tap the collective wisdom of the vibrant design community and other stakeholders of design in the country and co-create a vision for further actions – whether it is the setting up of new institutions or taking design to those areas where it has never been before.

The core team helping to get this going include

Rashmi Korjan
Design Educator and Partner, Studio Korjan

Uday Dandavate
Director, Sonic Rim

MP Ranjan
Design Thinker and Author of Blog – http://www.DesignforIndia.com

Jogi Panghaal
Design Thinker & Educator, Associate, Doors of Perception Foundation

Jatin Bhatt
Director, EduSign Consulting Pvt Ltd., New Delhi

Amit Krishn Gulati
Director, Incubis Consultants (India) PL, New Delhi
Design Consultant and Educator, Member- CII National Committee on Design

Sundar Subramaniam
Director, Dovetail
Invitee Member, India Design Council
President, ADI (Association of Designers of India)

Ashish Deshpande
Founder Director & Principal Designer,
Elephant Strategy + Design

Poonam Bir Kasturi
Compostwali / Founder, Daily Dump

Dinesh Korjan
Design Educator and Partner, Studio Korjan
Moderator, alumNID (NID alumni discussion group)


  1. Stephen Horner

    Inspiring initiative.

  2. Qassim Saad

    please add me to list for future nitifications

  3. Dhruv Sharma

    Really happy to see something happening. Will be glad to be involved.

  4. High time that systems, esp. public utilities and spaces are looked at from a balanced view of usability, reliability, economy without compromise in form and aesthetics.

  5. joanne mendel

    Please keep me informed!

  6. This is indeed exciting, especially the focus on education – something I felt was missing in the superb effort to propose a national design policy for the US (http://www.designpolicy.org/usdp/policy-proposals.html). While the two initiatives have (apparently) different visions, there might be valuable lessons to learn from this earlier effort, and the people behind it.

    You may also want to cross-post to the design policy list (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/designpolicy/)

  7. I would like to play a story teller role. Let me get the updates and certainly it will be pleasure if this initiative is taken in with all its wits and glories

  8. umd

    nice to see such serious design thinkers getting together for a national initiative. am glad and for sure we learn from the past and move forward with new vision.

  9. Having written and read such nice things, shall we get to the drawing board with a crisp a vision statement for this initiative itself?

    What do we dream of seeing five years from now?

  10. Sasi

    Dear Dinesh,
    It was great talking to you today. I am on, in whatever way I can be of use.. Lets hope the meeting on 18th March kickstarts the process. In the meanwhile, it is important to spread the word.

  11. I like the new design. However, it feels more like a fancy blog than a website that makes an argument for something – it’s easy to miss the presentation, for instance, and most of the content is not easy to understand for someone who hasn’t been following this deeply or hasn’t been a part of the organization.

    a clear message and storyline will help you garner support. in your effort to communicate with policy-makers, please do not forget to also communicate well with the public at large.

  12. Thank you for the feedback, Arvind. Amends soon :)

  13. Please keep me post it by email subscriptions of new post

  14. As a design historian and writer on design policy it is interesting to begin to find more material available for understanding Indian design in the 21st century, particularly in the wake of the publication of the National Design Policy. It would also be useful to see Indian design history develop and take us beyond frequent reference to the Eames Report, significant though it has been in many ways.

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