1. We have seen the growth and entry of a large number of professions in the Indian nation-building effort as a whole. However, all of these are still to get real recognition or treatment as a profession. Industrial design draws from many of these, beside being complimentary to these.

    While industrialists talk about the importance of industrial design and development, what is the share of Royalty payments or design fees in the product or process development expenditure? Many have large in-house design teams and R&D Centres but is it possible to have ALL design competencies in-house? These institutions are totally ill-equipped in systems of evaluating design competencies and procuring these via a fair and transparent system.

    Similarly, how many professional architects are effectively key players in the many policy-making and decision-making teams related to the use of urban and rural spaces in the entire national development process? Commercial developers or “Builders” who are neither architects, nor engineers, neither buyer nor sellers, neither supervisors nor contractors and certainly not engineers or financiers seem to rule the roost here.

    MBA seems to be about the only professional qualification of relevance to the present generation of industry leaders, who seem more like generalist-administrators than their visionary predecessors.

    Except the Institutes of Chartered and Cost Accountants ICA and ICWA, we see a total decline in the relevance and effectiveness of professional bodies like the Institution of Engineers, the National Productivity Council, Indian Institute of Bankers, All India Management Association and their several local chapters, all of which were instrumental in training as well as enriching the industrial management profession before the dime-a-dozen management schools came up. In fact, IIB certification was taken as mandatory in our Scheduled Banks which never showed us the kind of glitches and blunders that are common in the new-generation of banks.

    Software and information design is another area where we have hundreds of institutions providing courses but no central accrediting bodies. In fact, despite our IT professionals having the largest presence in global IT, we don’t have any major innovator of the Bill Gates class nor a really global Indian product.

    While I am tempted to suggest that Indian design needs an accreditation, policy-making and hand-holding body, I fear for its fate, seeing that of the above mentioned bodies as well as those like the Lalit Kala, Sahitya and Sangeet Natak Akademis that started out with the same purpose in therespective arts.

  2. Rob Curedale

    I have been presenting introductory Design Thinking and ethnographic Design Research workshops at locations across the US over the last year at locations including corporations, universities and larger research based design companies such as coo presented with Uday at Sonic Rim in San Francisco about 6 months ago and Teams Design in Chicago.

    I promote the workshops to the 170,000 working designers and architects in the LinkedIn Design Groups that I have established and they are hosted by organizations within my groups. This may be the largest network of working designers in the world across many disciplines and will reach a quarter of a million members over the next 6 to 12 months. I have been in discussion with a number of institutions and corporations in India about presenting these workshops in several cities in India later this year. I have workshops in planning in London and Milan and China. Mostly they are attended by design managers and senior designers without experience in research from companies such as Sony, Nike and Bosch. Part of my purpose is to contribute to changes in US design practice such as you desire to achieve in India.

    I teach design research at Art Center Pasadena and what I teach is informed by 30 years of design management in Industry in Europe, North America and Australia. I currently have presented or have in planning about 60 workshops and am teaching two at the Toy manufacturer Hasbro near Boston this Weekend to about 55 designers, teachers and engineers from Hasbro and MIT.

    Rob Curedale

    address: PO Box 1153 Topanga CA 90290 USA
    cell: 616.405.8074
    skype: rob.curedale
    twitter: @designresearch


  3. Happy to see this “Vision First” initiative and always happy to help.

    We have already learned alot about rerethinking design since 2002!

    Next Design Geographies: Understanding Design Thinking 1,2,3,4.

    NextD WorkshopONE at HyperWerk, 2005

    NextD WorkshopONE at HyperWerk, Student Feedback

    NextD WorkshopONE: New York City

    SenseMaking Is Rising
    This one diagram changes the future of Design Education…:-)

    NextDesign Leadership Network:
    email: transformation (at) nextd (dot) org

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